KAZAMOZe's self titled debut world rock album is now out from 30Watt Goo Records. Track listing below...


Dru Rodgers

Rami at work

Yousef at work

Tom at work

KAZAMOZe Debut Album, available at iTunes.

  •  Yalimo
  •  Realize
  •  Real Thing
  •  Lagalee
  •  Tapa Batam
  •  City of Fields
  •  Down to My Knees
  •  Gone
  •  On and On
  •  Lamma Badda
  •  Nowhere to Hide
  •  Pay My Way
  •  Stream


CD Cover


A cool and surprising mashup of instruments and styles... Fresh and funky.

Jeffrey Pepper Rodgers, NPR's All Things Considered * Acoustic Guitar