KAZAMOZe in Mendocino

KAZAMOZe is world rock, blending the best of western and eastern beats, styles, melody and instrumentation. The sound reflects the energy and passion of the four core band members. Their pasts are entwined in roots, rock and ska flavored with Arabic and Indian styles creating a uniquely progressive and present day sound. KAZAMOZe combines ukelele funk, slide cuattro, melodic bass and world percussion beneath 4 part harmonies to build a dancable and accessible experience.

KAZAMOZe was originally formed as RoofTop4 by Yousef SaƔdeh in 2006. KAZAMOZe is now signed to 30Watt Goo in Cotati, California. Be it a driving Indian tongue twister or an acoustic guitar ballad, KAZAMOZe tells their stories and philosophies of life, steeped in passion and rich in feel. Their success lies in their ability to paint a picture and include the listener every step of the way.


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